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Vending Biz Broker LLC


Merger & Acquisition Specialists Serving the Vending, Office Coffee and Bottled Water Industries

We specialize in sell-side advisory services.  Our focus is on maximizing the realized value on behalf of our clients.  ​VBB manages the entire process from valuing your business, assembling information, to qualifying prospective buyers, through due diligence, legal documents and closing.  Our process is entirely confidential in order to protect the interests of our clients.  

In addition to sell-side engagements, VBB provides the vending, OCS and bottled water industries the following services:

  • Business Valuations.  VBB business valuations are based on financial analysis and actual market comparables producing extremely accurate estimates of value.
  • Financing Assistance.  VBB will provide assistance to businesses in the acquisition of various types of financing.  Services include preparation of loan packages and presentation to various funding sources.  
  • Strategic Consulting.  With over 30 years of experience in the industry, VBB brings to bear a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the business.  
  • Buy-Side Services.  On a contract basis, VBB will assist qualified, well-financed buyers seeking acquisitions in the vending, office coffee and bottled water industries.  
  • Preparing Your Business for Sale.  VBB offers a two year strategic plan designed to prepare a business for a successful sale and maximize value on exit.